We are an Australian organisation leaving its imprint on change, branding and innovation. 

The Higher Mix team have been guest speakers, keynoters or panelists at over 250 different change, leadership, branding or culture seminars and events, either in a paid or unpaid capacity.   

Our speakers are senior management consultants, thought-leaders, and qualified experts in their disciplines who share their experiences and advice on a range of important topics:   strategic branding, employer branding,  change, effective leadership, culture improvement, organisational psychology, resiliency, innovation and many interesting topics. 

We can provide conference organizers with sound advice on most pertinent topics, ideas, latest trends, thinking and/or information most relevant to any conference agenda.   

Inspirational Speakers 

Our conference speakers, influential panelists, incl. female keynote speakers with unparalleled background and expertise. We have captivating presentation materials and energetic delivery styles to impress crowds, ranging in size from 30 to 1000, on widest array of subjects. 

Commanding the stage, presenting unique observational experiences with presence and mastery; real life learnings and examples that are both highly personal and universally applicable.  

Finalizing an event program? 

Are your audiences showing interest in these topics across our practice areas?  Or perhaps you want to energise, educate or up-skill internal teams?   Then we’re happy to help.  

Business Keynote Speakers

Our motivational speakers are leading authorities on brand and culture change.  With over 30 years experience, national influence and presence, they excite, challenge and captivate audiences. 

Accomplished speakers assure of a significant contribution into any conference, event or internal program across Australia or internationally.   

  • Inspirational | motivational speakers
  • Ideal for Corporate, Professional events.
  • Leading authorities on variety of topics
  • Visionary, influential presenters
  • Customised topics for your purpose
  • Travelling national, internationally to present.