About Us

The Higher Mix are a team of strategic advisers, agile practitioners, brand marketing experts and culture specialists assisting some of Australia’s most respected companies through transformational change, re-branding or re-positioning, digital transformation, culture  and leadership coaching.    


Our 'whole-of'systems' portfolio approach is focused on the most pressing, high-value imperatives.  Helping companies manage their way through complexity, detail and ambiguity with robust frameworks, systems, agile project management processes, up-skilling and delivery possible, across the entire project-talent-consumer life-cycle. 







Deliver more agile, interactive and connected people and businesses

Jo Woodfield's personal vision for The Higher Mix business is, always will be,
"stronger together".   Early on, we recognised sheer number of talented consultants on the market, endeavouring to make a gig economy work for them financially, for their careers, and trying to avoid those very real struggles faced as solo operators.  

Our mandate being to help find that talent source deep-scope interesting work;  end-to-end, well-paying projects.  Why we began The Higher Mix  in the first place, as a strategic support platform for them.  So Associates and Contractors can work closely together, comb through client problems, and combine their wonderful skills and qualities on omni-discipline projects. 

Aligned to solve complex business issues  

Contractors and Associates, aligned with THM not only access deeper involvement on larger scale projects, they receive instant marketing support doing it. 

The Higher Mix assists Associates and Contractors to consistently promote their own brands.  We foster their growth by providing the style of work they love which works best for their lifestyles.  Stretching them professionally on complex client engagements, where they are exposed to new skills, agile ways of working and thinking.  All the while, accessing our best practice frameworks and some of the most beautiful organisational change and branding IP, found anywhere in Australia.  


Examining business problems differently.  

Our clients get the "whole-of-systems" approach:  one stop-shop of human capital experts;  brand strategists, researchers, digital marketers, leadership specialists - all under the one roof.

Experienced facilitators, solution planners with strong relationship-project management skills; competent business consultants, supported by a young, energetic (highly creative) agile | digital team.    

Welcome to The Higher Mix and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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