Wellness coach; social and emotional learning facilitator

Practice Head Leadership

Drawing on her unique experience and education in coaching, yoga, natural foods, leadership, and acting, Marni assists individuals and client groups to build healthier, more productive and fulfilled lives.

She's worked extensively and significantly, across small and big business environments including as a trainer and specialist in corporate headquarters of Whole Foods in USA.  While working there she absorbed the tenets of Conscious Capitalism and developed her personal, customised framework for sharing conscious living principles widely with others.

Gifted at forming and fostering positive relationships and mindfully balanced lives, Marni is dedicated to improving people's wellbeing and positivity, both in the corporate environment and wider communities in which we live and work. Sharing important skills for living with more fulfilment and intention her skillsets include:

  • Facilitation, improvisation and experiential learning workshops

  • Project management and change management

  • Group facilitation and team development

  • Customer service practice and training

  • Strategic planning, business development and sales

  • Team building, conflict resolution programs

  • Design, develop and deliver training materials

  • Co-facilitation of corporate adventure and field trips

  • Training on organisation's core values, customer service, quality, brand standards, policies and procedures.

Marni has over 13 years as a registered yoga teacher, and in yoga instruction (interdisciplinary, restorative emphasis) being her passion, she runs wellness classes comprising of vinyasa yoga, restorative classes, yoga for sufferers of chronic pain and illness, yoga for difficult transitions.


  • Liberal Arts Degree - Communication Emphasis

  • Certificate in Organisational Coaching from IECL

  • Certificate in Interdisciplinary Yoga Instruction - RYT 300

  • A B.F.A. in Acting and Certificate in Classical Acting

  • Certification of Eligibility – Drama Education.

Ian’s expertise spans 27 years in management and as consultant psychologist. Holding a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with first class Honours and a Master of Psychology (Organisational) from Curtin University in Western Australia, Ian is also a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

As a registered Organisational Psychologist, Ian’s particular skill sets include specialist areas of executive coaching, candidate assessment, facilitation, leadership development and culture for The Higher Mix.

Ian has worked with some of largest enterprises in Australia. He continues to coach and assess leaders from broadest range of industries through just about every level of an organisation.   

He is also cricket tragic;  actively involved in the sport here in Western Australia.