Practice Head Leadership

Gry is a leader in Digital Transformation and Product Management delivering improved outcomes and streamlining organisations for innovation and growth across people, technology, processes, and culture. Her experience spans organisations with inhouse, outsourced, offshore, virtual, and geographically separated teams, requiring a blend of intimate tactical and strategic engagement.

An industry-agnostic, global interoperability specialist for over 20 years, Gry is adept at selecting the right mix technology including established platforms like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM as well as open source and new players across emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT.

She is excited about what technology can facilitate to improve outcomes and encourage positive social change, specifically in relation to health, education and business.

With a focus on people and market needs, Gry is driven to identify globally pervasive challenges, and solve these with meaningful technologies and organisational models. She’s a firm believer in validating assumptions through experimentation and has implemented agile processes and lean organisations for the past 10 years.

A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Gry often mentors, coaches and speaks up for people, helping them identify and reach their potential.   

When she does relax, Gry loves to travel the world, have a good conversation about positive social impact, and take long beach walks with her massive pooches.

Ian’s expertise spans 27 years in management and as consultant psychologist. Holding a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with first class Honours and a Master of Psychology (Organisational) from Curtin University in Western Australia, Ian is also a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

As a registered Organisational Psychologist, Ian’s particular skill sets include specialist areas of executive coaching, candidate assessment, facilitation, leadership development and culture for The Higher Mix.

Ian has worked with some of largest enterprises in Australia. He continues to coach and assess leaders from broadest range of industries through just about every level of an organisation.   

He is also cricket tragic;  actively involved in the sport here in Western Australia.