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We are strategic advisers, brand marketing/ change partners to some of Australia’s most respected companies.


Brand, Marketing, Culture and Leadership experts leverage evidenced-based branding and change tools/technologies, while directly supporting the needs, motives and aspirations of your people.
Jo Woodfield

Great Experience.

Brand is complex, but not necessarily complicated...

Cut through the noise, achieve  impact with elegant messaging externally #brandidentity and #engagement with your people internally.

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Strategic Branding.

Brands are important business assets; a source of differentiation and competitive advantage. However, elevation of brands only happen if/when aligned with projects, processes, people and internal culture.

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We are employer branding specialists, partnering with organizations to discover and promote new ways to differentiate from competitors, and appeal authentically to prized talent, with valuable skill-sets.

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Our consultants align with people and projects to overcome accumulated tensions and negative externalities to redefine pathways to reinvention.

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Value Propositions The Higher Mx

Twenty-five-year management consultants and experts apply their deep knowledge, technical skills and consulting expertise to gear-up organizational projects, performance and predictability.

Emerging tech and the brand meets the complementary strengths of vision-led leadership, human collaborative activity and the social skills of teams.

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